About Tortoise

Our name

Said one way it’s ‘Tortoise’, an endearing, deliberate creature, said another it’s ‘Taught Us’. Aside from being a nice pun, we think it does a good job at summing up our identity. It’s fun but also, dare we say it, a little bit clever.

It’s a line from The Mock Turtle by Lewis Carol so it’s a literary nod as well. We’re especially pleased that the Tortoise is seen as a wise animal in many cultures around the world – though that was just lucky.



Our Philosophy

You can find our philosophy all over our website. Sometimes it is explicit (like here), other times implicit but it’s always there … our philosophy permeates everything we do! We are at the same time fun, innovative, supportive, thoughtful. In one word – professional.

What this means is enjoyable, well-planned lessons that engage the student. It means that, alongside providing private tutors in London, we embrace online tutoring and other modern technological teaching tools.


Our Ambition

We aim to create an agency par excellence, split into two parts Tortoise Tuition and MyTortoise.

Tortoise Tuition provides face-to-face tuition around London and MyTortoise, our developing online tutoring service, gives subscribers access to our education database and lets them buy time using a monthly subscription with tutors so they can access exactly what they need in real-time when they need it.

Our aim is to provide the best possible lessons for our clients – it’s what tutoring has taught us.



Our World

We really believe business has to play a part in supporting our society and the environment and because of this, we are working on a number of initiatives, designed to foster education in the local community.

We are also working with the Obudu Conservation Centre in Nigeria and with LifeHapps, our sister company which makes apps that serve a social function.


Our Founder

Tortoise was founded by me, Tom Warren. I’ve been a tutor for over half a decade, starting whilst at university. After graduating with a 1st class degree in Mathematics, I joined a hedge fund but found that it did not give me as much satisfaction as teaching so I left to create Tortoise.

I am driven as much by my desire to teach as by my conviction that education is going to be a crucial part of the future as society learns to come to terms with the information age.