My mocks weren’t what I hoped for, what can I do?

My mocks weren’t what I hoped for, what can I do?

With the mock exams coming to an end, unfortunately, some students will not have achieved what they wanted and in some cases will be quite far from their target. This is normally a huge cause of concern and rightly so: mock results are obviously an important indicator early on as to whether you are on track or not. However, it is important to stay positive and to stress that things can be turned around. Here is how to do it:

Get the mocks back and analyse the paper

This is absolutely the first step. Generally speaking, marks are lost for four reasons: lack of knowledge of the syllabus, lack of exam technique, lack of time or carelessness. By analysing the mock exams not only with you understand better which parts of the syllabus you need to concentrate on, it will give you insight into whether or not you need to spend more time practising e.g. exam technique.

Develop a revision guide

Organisation is key and it should map out a realistic number of hours each week and be designed in an intelligent way. Focus at the start more on learning the theory and as you get closer to the exam start trying to commit to memory the facts or equations that you need for the exam. There will be parts of the syllabus yet to cover but by starting to revise now, even only a few hours on top of other work a week, you’ll keep the first parts of the course at the front of your mind and it’ll make revision that much easier as you approach April and May. As a bonus, often you’ll see some overlap or connections with the second half of the course and this will help you learn it.

Focus on weak areas

From looking at the mocks, talking with teachers and from knowing yourself, you should have a pretty good idea of which parts of the course you understand and which parts you don’t. When studying, everyone naturally gravitates to the subjects/ parts of the syllabus that they are good at and they neglect the areas that need the most work. Don’t do this – it’s not an efficient use of your time. It’s far better to tackle one of those bits of the course that you need to work on and if you can’t get to grips with it by yourself get a tutor.

Get a tutor

This is hugely effective. A tutor will be able to help you do all of the above and the results are huge. I’ve tutored students who prior to tutoring had achieved an E only to move up to an A. Getting a tutor doesn’t mean that you instantly go up and those students had to work very hard to increase their grades but a tutor does make it that bit easier.

Live healthily

Grandma’s advice was right. A healthy body is a healthy mind. It has been proven over and over again that your mind works best when you are well-rested, are eating healthily and you exercise. A few healthy changes (most importantly make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep) can make a big difference.

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