Sample Lesson Plans

Sample Lesson Plans

The purpose of a lesson plan is to pinpoint the information and skills the student needs to learn and how they are going to learn it. When creating their lesson plans, our tutors consider:

Where the student is now – Where they need to be – How to get them there

Our tutors then create lesson plans that help students achieve their long-term goals. Your lesson plans can be accessed on the MyTortoise portal before each session, giving students and parents a clear idea of the lesson’s aim, its content and any advice or additional material they may need.

Lesson Aim

Without a lesson aim, we may as well pack up and go home. The lesson aims should be specific, measurable and achievable and be tailored to each student’s interests and learning type. They do not have to follow the course textbook word for word, and in fact, the best lessons rarely do.

Lesson Content

These are the facts, concepts and skills that need to be covered to achieve the lesson’s aim. The content will always reflect the particular examination board and the relevant curriculum guides. Our tutors also detail the media and methods they will use to impart the information.

Advice & Additional Material

We provide specific advice about the approaches students can take. That includes the questions to ask, the strategies that work and the learning techniques they can use. We also include online resources and links to sites where practice tests and assignments can be found.

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