We are a full-service tutoring agency. We’ve got great tutors for:

  • School Entrance exams (7+, 10+, 11+, and 13+)
  • GCSE and A level
  • IB
  • Languages
  • UK university entrance exams (STEP and MAT)
  • US university entrance exams (SAT, GRE and GMAT)
  • Medical school entrance exams (UKCAT and BMAT)

Everyone is different. We all know that. Each person has their own little habits, their own way of doing things and their own way of learning. We know that and to reflect that, we put together Tortoise tuition’s unique tailored service because a proper education has to take into account our individuality.

Personalised plan

That’s why we conduct a thorough interview with all of our potential students to assess their strengths and weaknesses and the targets that they have set themselves whether it is passing an exam of gaining entrance to a school or college. We then build an education plan based on that assessment that sets out the steps the student needs to take and the time it will take to achieve their targets.

Finding the right tutor

Most importantly, we match the student with a tutor with the express purpose of making sure that the student’s personality is complemented by their tutor so that they learn in the most supportive environment possible for them.

Continual support

Our approach is painstaking which is why Tortoise offers a homework service, an online library of past papers, and online remote access to their tutors so that they can deal with the problems that are preventing them achieving their aims.

We offer face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring and homework services.


Our face to face service is a recognition of the fact that many of our customers like tutors to come and see them in person so we offer a London based service where our qualified, DBS-checked tutors come to your house.

Online tutoring

MyTortoise, our online tutoring service, is designed to use the latest in technology to be able to deliver an instant tutoring service that is quite literally education on demand. Our tutors can all teach online using any of the popular and freely available messaging technologies like Skype, Hangout, Whats App and Facebook Messenger and using our interactive whiteboard.

Homework Supplement

An additional service offered by Tortoise is our homework supplement where tutors set homework for the student at the end of each lesson that they can submit via our web portal so the tutor can mark it before the next lesson. The homework papers are marked as a whole and by sub-categories to help us understand where the child is and what areas we need to focus on.

In the run up to the GCSE and A Level exams, we run group courses on Mathematics and English for the two syllabuses. They are exam workshops where we focus on exam technique and common mistakes as we go through the past papers. All the courses are a week in length and take place in Fulham.

For GCSE group lessons, the classes are limited to 8 students.or A Level group lessons, the classes are limited to 6 students.

For A Level group lessons, the classes are limited to 6 students.


Please note: these courses are subject to availability.

For face-to-face tutoring, we charge between:

  • £40/ hour to £70/ hour for tuition up to A Level
  • £75/ hour to £85/ hour for specialist tuition

For online tutoring, we charge:

  • £35/ hour to £50/ hour for tuition up to A Level
  • £65/ hour for specialist tuition

For outside of lessons homework marking, we charge:

  • £15/ half-hour for tuition up to A Level
  • £20/ half-hour for specialist tuition

For group courses, we charge:

  • £800 for a GCSE course
  • £1000 for an A Level course


Specialist tuition includes SAT, GMAT, GRE, STEP, MAT, UKCAT, BMAT and university tutoring.

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