The argument for separate homework to be set by tutors

The argument for separate homework to be set by tutors

The setting of homework by tutors is an issue of much contention and often, amusingly and perversely, students ask their tutors to help them with the homework set by the school instead! However, homework set by the tutor can be hugely beneficial to the learning process. Here’s why, at Tortoise, we think it is a good idea:

Teachers set homework because

  1. It enables the teacher to check on the progress of the student.
  2. It forces the student to work independently.
  3. It makes it far more likely the student will remember what was taught in class.

Tutors need to set homework for the same reasons!

Because often tutors are going through parts of the syllabus not currently being taught in the classroom, relying simply on the homework set by the school can be a mistake. We understand that students, particularly in London schools, have a vast workload and the homework set needn’t take too long to complete but by having it the student then revisits the topic during the week and from, my personal experience, it keeps the ideas in the forefront of the student’s mind so that the next lesson flows much more easily.

We encourage our tutors to not only set homework but also to mark it by subcategories (based off exam marking schemes) as well as giving an overall mark. For example with English tuition at A-Level, we would break down essays into the subcategories writing style, technical analysis, cohesion and understanding on the text.

Marking it like this and keeping a record of past homework shows the tutor not only whether or not the student fully understood the previous lesson but also helps guide the tutor on future lessons; as it becomes more obvious where the areas for improvement are.

It also means that our tutors can answer that perennial question asked by all parents “How well are they doing?” with both a qualitative and quantitative answer … they would even be able to show you graphs and charts!

Tortoise Tuition provides tuition for all the subjects: whether you need Maths tuition, Chemistry tuition, Physics tuition, Biology tuition, English tuition or History tuition we’ve got great tutors for you. In addition to this, Tortoise Tuition offers also a cost-effective, specialised homework marking service. Once completed, the student simply uploads the homework and the tutor will have it marked in time for the next lesson. (Of course, our tutors can mark the homework in class as well).

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